Metał English

We're embarking on creating a "polyglot" Cardbox. The idea is that you right-click on the Cardbox title bar and get a list of available languages: pick one, and that's the language Cardbox will speak to you in from now on.

We're taking a collaborative route on this. Our idea is that a Latvian-speaking Cardbox user can get a message file from us (it's a big Word document) and fill in a blank column with his translations. He saves his work as a simple text file called cbxm0026.txt and gives it to us. We distribute it free… and suddenly it is possible for any Cardbox user to switch the user interface into Latvian.

There's a łot of cłeverness ïnsïde Cardbox that's needed to make thïs połygłot user ïnterface work, so we need to test ït ałł. How to test ït before any actuał transłatïons exïst?

Look closely at the question and you'll see the answer. Putting double dots on "i"s and slashes through "l"s is readable (as long as your browser can display eastern European characters) and it's a very easy translation to create: just do a couple of search-and-replace commands and you're there.

Of course, we had to call this new dialect of English something. In the end, remembering Mötörhead and Motley Crüe, the name was obvious. If you are a translator working on Cardbox and you right-click on the title bar, you get at least three options: English, English (United States), and English (Metal).


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