Cardbox/S3 photographic archive

The Amazon S3 discussion forum has a thread on using S3 for photographic archiving. Cardbox and S3 make an ideal match for this.

You can have a Cardbox database on your computer that indexes all your photographs (on as many criteria as you like) and contains a low-resolution copy of each photograph (“low-resolution” means whatever you want it to mean – thumbnail, or 320×200 or 640×480 or 800×600) so that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Each record will also have a link to your original high-resolution picture stored on Amazon S3: the link can be of a kind that is inaccessible to anyone but you. Our previous post tells you more about using Cardbox in conjunction with S3.
Basically, to do this you’d need nothing more than Cardbox plus your own Amazon Web Services / S3 account.

A few bonuses:

  • If you want one of your customers to be able to download a photograph, you can give them a link to the high-res version: the link can expire automatically at a set time.
  • If it’s appropriate, you can even give your customers read-only access to one of the databases. This will let them view your low-resolution pictures and identify exactly the ones you want.

We’ve created a simple sample database that will show this in action. This page has a link that lets you download the database, and it has full instructions on how to get going with your own photogaphic archive.


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