Symbol fonts in Cardbox

When you choose a font in Cardbox, it offers you a choice of all the normal fonts on your computer. By “normal fonts” we mean the ones in which letters look like letters. For instance, w might look like this:

Letter w in normal fonts

A symbol font is one where the symbols you see don’t look anything like the letters you type. Here is the letter w as displayed in various different symbol fonts:

Letter w in symbol fonts

Cardbox is principally designed for searching and storing text, so to avoid confusion it doesn’t usually show you symbol fonts. But if you really want to see the symbol fonts in the font list, then:

  • When using View > Appearance or the Appearance button in the toolbar, hold down the Shift key.
  • When setting the appearance for one particular format item (this is the likelier case), open the Properties window in the usual way but then hold down the Shift key as you click on the Appearance tab to open it.

In either case, you will then see a full list of fonts including all the symbol fonts.


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