64-bit Windows and fractal images

Cardbox is fully compatible with 64-bit editions of Windows, but there is one small exception.

If you have old databases that were created by versions 1 or 2 of Cardbox for Windows, and those databases contain images, and those images were stored with “fractal compression”, then those images will not be visible in 64-bit Windows. This is because the “helper” program for fractal images, made by the defunct company Iterated Systems, is a 16-bit program and Microsoft have removed support for 16-bit programs from 64-bit Windows.

This probably does not apply to you:

  • Most people have created their databases with Cardbox 3.0, which doesn’t provide fractal compression for images.
  • Most people who used Cardbox for Windows 1.0 and 2.0 did not use the Fractal option when storing images in their databases.
  • Hardly anyone is buying 64-bit editions of Windows.

If you have old databases that contain images and you are contemplating a move to 64-bit Windows, this article provides a macro that will scan your database and convert “Fractal” images to a more modern form.

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