New Amazon service agreement

Amazon have at last revised the service agreement for the use of the Amazon S3 storage service. The new service agreement is a great improvement its predecessor, which we criticised in detail in the S3 in Business article. Using the “backup to S3” features of Cardbox now seems legally as well as technically practicable.

Amazon’s EC2 on-demand computing facility still has unacceptable restrictions placed on its use, but that is a separate service from Amazon S3 and is not relevant to Cardbox users.


2 Responses to “New Amazon service agreement”

  1. Jeff Barr Says:

    Thanks for the post. Good to hear that the revised license addresses your S3 concerns.

    I am sure that your thoughts on the EC2 agreement would be of value to us. Will you be addressing those in a separate post?


  2. cardbox Says:

    Jeff, the short answer is “yes, I will”, but it won’t be at once because I want to give you a well-structured and properly reasoned posting.

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