Cardbox and Apple Macintosh

Cardbox is a Windows program. The Mac is not a Windows computer. These two facts have been a source of frustration to many people for a long time.

We have now done extensive work to make sure that Cardbox is compatible with CrossOver Mac, a product that lets Windows programs run on the Mac without the need to install Windows itself.

The Knowledge Base page now has a “Macintosh” section giving advice on installing and using Cardbox with CrossOver Mac.

If you haven’t already got CrossOver Mac, you can download a trial version.

If you already have a Cardbox licence and want to try all this, you’ll need the very latest build of Cardbox, Build 4259, which you can download here.

If you haven’t already got Cardbox – or you want to get a friend with a Mac to try it out – read about our special offer.

If you have any comments or questions, please visit the Feedback on the Mac page on the Cardbox Everywhere blog.

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