Build 4298: correction of pick list bugs

Pick lists are a feature of validation and thus are not available to Home Edition users.

There are two specialised features of pick lists. One is that a value with an underline in it (eg. “pick_list”) is displayed in the list without the underline (“pick list”) but is entered into the field with the underline (“pick_list”). A bug introduced in Build 4297 caused the underline to be omitted in certain circumstances. This bug has now been corrected.

The second specialised feature of pick lists is that they can contain both a code and a longer explanation of that code, much like drop-down lists. For instance, “SE=Systems_Engineer”. In this case, “Systems Engineer” is displayed when you call up the pick list with a right-click, but “SE” is what is actually entered into the field if you select this particular entry. Pick lists can appear in two forms, either as a menu that pops up when you right-click in a field or as a scrolling list that appears when you select “Pick…” from that menu. The menu typically has only a few entries, while the scrolling list has them all. An old bug – as old as Cardbox itself – meant that a menu item containing “=” did nothing when you clicked on it. This bug has never been reported to us. The reason that nobody has ever reported this bug is presumably that the sophisticated users who use “=” also tend to have long lists of options and therefore never use the menu, only the scrolling list. In any case, this bug has also been corrected.

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