Access codes in Cardbox

The purpose of access codes is to make things less convenient.

Specifically, access codes exist to make it impossible to:

  • Set up the first user profile for a database
  • Encrypt a database

without knowing the code.

What these two actions have in common is that they take an unprotected database and make it inaccessible to someone who doesn’t know the right password or key. This is a good thing, if you want to do it. But if a stranger, without your knowledge, takes your database and locks it against you, that is not a good thing at all.

With Cardbox 3.1, we’ve slightly relaxed the rules compared to earlier versions.

If you have opened the database directly on your own hard disk or on a network drive, we assume that you must be its owner, or you wouldn’t have got this far. So Cardbox 3.1 doesn’t ask you for an access code (though earlier versions did).

If you have opened the database on a Cardbox Server then we are more suspicious. You could be anyone! So an access code is demanded. What access code should you enter? The one that the administrator of your Cardbox Server has specified. If you are your own administrator, read pages 42–43 of the Cardbox Server book, which describe how to set up and change access codes on the server.

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