Creating your computer in the cloud

This is part of the series which started with Accessing Cardbox without Windows.

If you have not already done so, go to to sign in to the Amazon Web Services management console.

In the list of available services, click on “EC2”.

Click on this link to start creating your computer. The Request Instances Wizard will start, and will display the following information:

AMI creation details

Press the Continue button at the bottom right-hand corner of the wizard.

  • In the Instance Details page, the default settings apply: you can check that the number of instances is 1 and the instance type is ‘t1.micro’. Press Continue.
  • In the Advanced Instance Options page, the default settings apply. Press Continue.
  • In the Storage Device Configuration page, the default settings apply. Press Continue.
  • In the “Add tags” page, nothing needs to be done. Press Continue.
  • In the Key Pairs page, select “Proceed without a Key Pair” (the password for this computer is fixed, and you will change it later). Press Continue.
  • In the Security Groups page, select “Create a new Security Group”. Give it the name “Remote Desktop”, and in Inbound Rules, create a new rule by picking “RDP” from the drop-down list (it is at the very bottom of the list, so you may have to scroll). Your screen should look like the picture below. Press Continue. (Security Groups are effectively a firewall between your computer and the Internet).

AMI Security Group

  • The final page of the wizard summarises all the information you have entered or confirmed.
  • Finally, press the Launch button to start your new computer.

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