Starting the computer for the first time

This is part of the series which started with Accessing Cardbox without Windows.

This page tells you what happens when you have gone through Creating Your Computer in the Cloud and finished off by pressing the Launch button to start your new computer for the first time.

What happens when you press Launch

You will see the following message:

AMI launching

You can click on the “View your instances…” option.

Nothing much will appear to happen for the next ten to fifteen minutes. The instance (which is Amazon’s name for your computer) will start by looking like this:

AMI early start

After a few minutes the computer will have come into existence and the status checks will change:

AMI later launch

The computer exists but it still has to start up; Windows has to configure and authorize itself; and the computer has to reboot again after all this has been done. Allow 10-15 minutes for the whole process.

The control panel won’t directly tell you that the job has been completed (just as the lights on the front of a computer won’t tell you that Windows has finished booting up).  The best way I have found of checking when the process is complete is to right-click on the instance and select “Get system log” from the menu. When Windows is ready, the system log should look like this:

AMI system log

Getting the public IP address

You are nearly there. Windows is running, and all you need to do now is connect to it and set up the passwords. To do this, you need to know the IP address of your new computer: the public IP address, that is: the address to which people outside Amazon’s cloud can connect into it.

The simplest thing is to right-click on the instance in the list and select “Connect” from the menu. You will see a screen like this:

AMI Connect window

Make a note of the public IP address. This is the address that you will use when you connect to your cloud computer (and to Cardbox) from your iPad, your Mac, or wherever.

Now it is time to connect to your new computer as an administrator and change the passwords from the defaults we have given you. Read Connecting to the Computer from the iPad or Connecting to the Computer from the Mac, and Setting up Passwords.

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