Using Cardbox

This is part of the series which started with Accessing Cardbox without Windows.

To connect to your computer

You are ready to go. You can sign in using your Remote Desktop software as follows:

IP address: The IP address you made a note of earlier

User name: Client

Password: The password you have set up for the Client account

Domain: If you are asked for this, leave it blank

Your Remote Desktop software will connect to your new Windows computer.

(If you get a message saying “The server name on the certificate is incorrect: do you want to connect to this computer anyway?”, press the button saying “Yes” or “Connect”).

In a few seconds you will see your new Windows desktop.

To run Cardbox

On your desktop, you’ll see a Cardbox icon. Double-click on it.

Making Cardbox remember your passwords

The chances are that you’ll be using a lot of password-protected databases, and some of them may be protected with encryption keys as well. To save the boredom of having to type your credentials in the whole time, you can make Cardbox remember them for you.

  1. In Cardbox, do File > Workspace. Go to the Password tab.
  2. Turn on “Enable password protection” and enter a new password. Write it down somewhere, as a backup.
  3. Turn on “Make WIndows remember the password in future”.

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