A small change

Cardbox Software Limited, the company which sold Cardbox and maintained its web site, is now closed.

Cardbox itself, the program, continues to work. It is still free to download and to use.

The Cardbox web site is where it always was. It still includes support pages, and pages for downloading the manual and the software.

What if I need help or support?

Download the manual and read it, because it conveys understanding, not just instructions. It is a beautiful and compelling work of literature: in fact, people have enjoyed reading it who don’t even have a computer.

Otherwise, look at the Support page on the web site.

Should I carry on using Cardbox?

Yes, of course. I use it every day. There are still businesses that rely on it: I run one of them myself. Software doesn’t stop running suddenly just because the company that sold it has gone away.

Should I start using Cardbox?

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who don’t use Cardbox, and those who cannot imagine being able to live without Cardbox. Should you move from the first group to the second? I have no answer to this. You have to be grown up and decide for yourself. Against – is the fact that the software isn’t officially supported, so if there is a catastrophe then no one will be there to rescue you. For – is the fact that life without Cardbox isn’t worth living; and you can ask the people on Cardbox Talk whether catastrophes ever occur.

It is all entirely up to you.

Martin Kochanski

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