Cardbox is a database for end users. It indexes text (words, numbers, and dates) quickly and easily, and you can attach images and scanned documents to every record.

The very first version of Cardbox was released in 1982, and since then over 100,000 people have used it in one way or another. Cardbox has been used for contact lists, address books, archives, photographic inventories, museum catalogues, personnel, recruitment, abstracts, academic research and criminal investigation. Cardbox is used by everyone from individuals and small businesses to multinational corporations and United Nations agencies.

No business sector is immune to Cardbox, and there are Cardbox users on every continent including Antarctica.

This blog is about the software business: everything from development to documentation to debugging, with illustrations from the history of Cardbox. It’s intended for everyone in the software business and everyone who’s interested in it. It’s not specifically aimed at Cardbox users and you can enjoy it without ever having seen or used the program.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Charmian Common Says:

    I have always been a fan of Cardbox but since I switched to Mac a couple of years ago, I have not been able to use it. I just found a link to a Mac version but I am unable to download it. This is very tantalising! Is it available anywhere?

  2. cardbox Says:

    Cardbox exists for Windows only, so I’d be very interested to see the “Cardbox for Mac” link that you found!

    Rewriting Cardbox for the Macintosh is a big project and we’re unlikely to do it, even though I think that the Mac is definitely a superior platform.

    There are programs that claim to allow you to run Windows programs on the Mac, notably something called CrossOver Mac, which is based on the open-source Wine project. [One user has told us that he is running Cardbox successfully under Wine).

    Once Mac OS X Leopard has come out in a couple of months’ time we’ll buy a Mac for other purposes but will also test CrossOver Mac on it, and I’ll post the results here.

  3. Jane Howitt Says:

    Could this post in Version Tracker be what Charmain was talking about?


    Very sad that there’s nothing for the Mac as Cardbox sounds like it’s what I need!

  4. cardbox Says:

    That’s a fake created by some other company that’s in breach of our trademark: our trademark agents are pursuing the company but it’s apparently dead. Thanks for pointing out the link: we’ve had it removed.

    I’m running Cardbox under CrossOver Mac on my iMac and it’s working very well. Of course you have to pay for CrossOver as well, but nothing’s perfect!

    There’s a new blog called Cardbox for Everyone that is intended to cover Cardbox both on Wine (which is free, open-source, and runs on Linux and possibly MacOS) and CrossOver (which is based on Wine, costs money, but is more sophisticated). Some actual postings on that blog should appear next week…

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